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Welcome to Future Life Progression

Anne JirschI began working with past life regression over 20 years ago and through this discovered Future Life Progression. It has changed my life. Somehow by tapping into the future what we wanted came much sooner.

I soon realised that the dramatic change and improvements it has brought to my own life could benefit others too. I have now used FLP with hundreds of my clients. Some of their experiences are in my book ‘The Future is Yours’.

For the past ten years I have been experimenting and gaining knowledge and techniques which I am now teaching to others. Whether you would like to simply know more, experience flp or become a practitioner of this exciting therapy the answers are here.


How will our beautiful planet be in fifty years time? Will it be a peaceful and affluent haven or will it be a war torn, polluted nightmare. here to read on ».

Youe Future Home

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Come with me and discover your wonderful future home here to read on ».

London in 10 years

A Future Life Progression study into the future of London here to read on ».
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Book A Session

A session of past life regression or future life progression can be life changing. So often we struggle through lives making the same mistakes over and over. We read the books, go to the workshop, do the meditations but somehow never seem to move here to read on ».

Training in Future Life Progression

The training is easy to master and will give you all the tools you need to start your FLP practice. I have been teaching for over 20 years and have found the best way is to cut out all the padding and demonstrate exactly what you need to do. Many people have told me tarot and psychic development training is by far the easiest they have ever come across. FLP training will be the here to read on ».

Free MP3 Download available now!

We are now happy to offer a free download of an FLP study by Anne Jirsch. Simply use the link below to take advantage of this offer now:

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